Legacy Cavaliers
       English Toy Spaniels
                Breeder of over 200 Champions
    Man sometimes thinks he's been  elevated to be the controller,  the ruler. But he is not. 
He's only part of the whole. Man's job is not 
  to exploit but to oversee, to be a steward. 
       Man has responsibility, not power.    -Oren Lyo
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Dawn Lindemaier

   Legacy cavaliers resides in the South west region of Washington state outside the City of Ryderwood on a picturesque peace of land partially surrounded by a river and tree filled mountains . The dogs love to run and play on the lush green grass all in an area of safety. we are a responsible, ethical and conscientious breeder with the mission of sharing information and producing exceptional quality Cavaliers and English Toy spaniels. We are not brokers or a puppy-mill; these valued dogs are a respected members of our family who are bred with discretion and honor us with beautiful offspring.
       I have been breeding and showing cavaliers for over 30 years always under the name of Legacy and are the proud breeder of over 130 champions. We always strive for the highest quality, health and temperament of all our dogs.
 Legacy cavaliers are all health tested and only the best are used for breeding. Coming from a family that shows horses since before I was born, I know the importance of breeding only the very best with generations of great health. We track all our breeding dogs threw out there whole lives as to ensure that they are long lived as well as cleared for any of the genetic disorders in the breed.  Enjoy your visit to our websight.
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