Legacy Cavaliers 
    English Toy Spaniels
Breeder of over 60 champions

       All Legacy dogs have been health tested for generations to                               insure the best health possible.  
                         All breeding stock tested anually
     Growing up on a horse ranch in Minnesota,  we had many horses and a couple of cats as well as a dog. I loved them all but you can't sleep with a Horse, not safely, anyway. 
     Then as an adult I moved to Washington .  I decided I needed a cavalier like my dads (Starskey) a tri-color male cavalier. 
I looked for some time before a breeder had an ad in the paper for some cavalier pups. (Remember this was almost 35 years ago long before the internet). I went to see if there was a pup for me. I left knowing that I had found the little girl that would be my best friend till the day she died (Amber). I picked her up 2 weeks Latter and brought her home on the Seattle ferry . My intention was not to show or become a breeder I just wanted her to love.   
    Latter on I was asked to participate in a fun match where we did very well.  Then asked to attend another and I was bitten by the show bug. My life as I new it was over, now my life revolves around all of our four legged kids. I wouldn't have it any other way. 
       We have done very well with our dogs in the show ring over the years and I strive to have very healthy dogs with great dispositions. I am very proud of my dogs and all of our accomplishments All while raising two children.